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WealthMe White Book

About WealthMe

WealthMe is a platform for sharing wealth.

This is a money game. Each person can buy any Pack to participate in the game, and each Pack has an ID, which is ordered by purchase time. The more people who buy after you, the higher your Pack level, the higher the corresponding daily interest rate (see Upgrade Pack page), up to $300,000 per Pack.

The whole world works together to create a line of passive upgrades, and everyone behind you invites subordinates to be your subordinates.


  1. Low threshold: $50 can get up to $300,000 interest;
  2. No time limit: no matter whether you join in the morning or evening, there is a chance to get rich returns;
  3. One line across the network: Everyone is working on this line, and others can increase your level by buying a Pack or Boost Pack;
  4. Buy Boost: You can buy the Boost Pack active acceleration upgrade Pack;
  5. Invite Boost: You can invite friends to get Boost for free
  6. 10-layer referral system: Only need to recommend a few people, it is possible to fission into a huge team, enjoy the wealth feast! If you invite 3 people and each person continues to invite 3 people, you only need to reach Level 7 and you can reach Level 15
  7. Perfect mechanism: In order to prevent short-sighted players from destroying our wealth feast, we have set different levels of penalty tax to make the project as healthy and stable as possible.

Contract Details

✔️ Contract Address: 0x54b5De3D3dCC5b23F24481F3d995A45f8a0969dE (opens in a new tab)

✔️ The smart contract is deployed in Binance Smart Chain with the use of BNB as it's cryptocurrency requirement.

✔️ Daily ROI Starts from 1.5%-2000%

✔️ Min Deposit - 0.25 BNB

✔️ Min Withdrawal Amount - No Limit