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🎮 Tutorials


Step 1

  1. Open/Install MetaMask or any other wallet that supports web3.
  2. Add the Base network to your wallet if it's not already there. You can use this link for automatic addition: https://chainlist.org/?search=bsc (opens in a new tab)
WealthMe ChainList
  1. Fund your wallet on the BNB Smart Chain network
    • Transfer BNB from other chains via cross-chain bridge.
    • Direct transfer BNB to wallet from Binance Exchange.

Step 2

  1. Open WealthMe Dapp https://www.wealthme.xyz/dapp (opens in a new tab).
  2. Connect wallet
WealthMe Connect wallet

If you cannot find the wallet you are using, please select "WalletConnect".

WealthMe WalletConnect

Step 3


There are two ways to increase or decrease the number of packs purchased

  • Click on the plus or minus sign
  • Drag the arrow left or right
WealthMe BuyPacks

Step 4

Buy Boost Packs

Click on the plus or minus sign to increase or decrease the number of Boost Packs purchased.

WealthMe Buy Boost Packs

Step 5

Incentive Program

  1. Click the Copy button to copy your exclusive referral link and share it with your friends.
  2. Scroll down the table, which has your referral data for all 10 levels, and the last column is your estimated Boost revenue.
WealthMe Incentive Program

Step 6

Pack List

  1. If you have multiple packs, click the Claim button to withdraw the earnings for that Pack individually.
  2. Also, click the Boost Pack button to upgrade the Pack individually.
  3. Click the CLAIM ALL PACKS button at the bottom to withdraw all packs.
WealthMe Pack List

Withdrawn packs will not be upgraded!