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✨ Upgrade Pack

Upgrade Pack

If you want to get ahead of others quickly, there are 2 ways to quickly upgrade your Pack, whether you join early or late, there is a chance to upgrade the Pack to the highest level.

0. Default Boost

✅ Total Pack Purchased

✅ Total Boost Pack Purchased

All player purchases of "Pack" or "Boost Pack" will enable you to upgrade the Pack quickly.

1. Buy Boost Packs

The first way: With the purchase of Boost Packs, you can purchase multiple Boost Packs at a time, and each Boost Pack contains 1000 ranks, which means you can improve one of the packs by 1000 positions.

For example: Your PackId is 1001, and the total number of packs sold is 1500, then after upgrading this Pack, he will have 1000+1500-1001=1499 advantageous positions, and you can upgrade the Pack to Level4 with a daily interest rate of 12%.

You can purchase more than one Boost Pack at a time.

Each Boost Pack contains 1000 positions.

2. Invite a few players

The second way: If you don't want to pay to upgrade the Pack, there is another way to upgrade the Pack. Of course, these two ways can be done simultaneously. You can get boost by inviting friends, we provide 10 levels of recommendation system, different from the usual recommendation system, our recommendation system does not directly enjoy the reward amount, each invite a friend will increase 100 units of boost, which will bring you unprecedented upgrade experience and wealth feast, whether you join the project early or late, You have a chance to quickly surpass everyone else! Because we have a 10-level recommendation system, you only need to invite a few people to make the team very large.



After the Pack upgrade, the accumulated interest will be calculated according to the new interest rate.


Withdrawn Packs cannot be upgraded!